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Garcia Machine Bear Resistant Containers
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Backpackers Cache Bear Resistant Container
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Garcia Machine, a pioneer in the development of bear resistant food containers used by Kluane, Denali, Glacier Bay and Yosemite National Parks as well as Planet Explorer, announces its lightest container yet. The Model 812 Backpackers' Cache keeps your food and the bears safe. How it works: The Backpackers' Cache Bear Resistant Container's lid is secured by two latches that can be twisted open/closed with a coin, key, thumb nail, etc. Leave the closed container away from you sleeping area. If a bear finds it, do not risk provoking the bear by attempting to take the container away from the bear. These containers easily withstand a bear's pawing, chewing and kicking. The bear will eventually lose interest in it and leave it alone
  • Designed to slip into a camper's backpack.
  • Holds approximately 6 person-days of food.
  • 8.8" diameter by 12" long
  • Weighs 2.7 pounds

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