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MPI Emergencey Blankets
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Original Space Brand All Weather Emergence Blanket
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A byproduct of the original super insulating materials that were developed by MPI for the NASA/Apollo Space missions. This ALL-WEATHER BLANKET will reflect and retain up to 80% of radiated body heat to help provide warmth, comfort and protection. This ALL-WEATHER BLANKET should be part of every emergency kit. It is versatile, much more resistant to abuse than the foil "Emergency Blankets", and is re-usable.

Lightweight (12 oz/340 gms) 
Flexible even in sub-freezing weather 
Waterproof and windproof 
Grommets in all corners with full edge binding 
Radar reflective 
Easy to clean, fade resistant colors 
Large 5 feet by 7 feet

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