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Platypus Hydration Systems
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Platypus Big Zip 2 - 70 oz
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Price: $23
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The Platypus reservoirs are a great addition to any pack and also retro-fit many company's hydration system's packs (such as CamelBak). Platypus Big Zip reservoirs feature a patented, bomb-proof, wide-opening zip closure. This makes it quick and easy to fill them with water, to add ice cubes or drink mixes, and to thoroughly clean and dry. Platypus Big Zips are simple to open up when filling or cleaning. Yet, due to a custom engineered double-lock closure, it is virtually impossible for the Big Zip to burst open from pressure, even if you drop it or fall on it. Built with the same flexible, durable, three-layer laminate as Platypus bottles, Big Zips likewise have no unpleasant plastic taste. Platypus Big Zip water bottles come with a drinking tube assembly and bite valve for hands-free convenience, and instantly convert any pack into a performance hydration pack.
  • Weight: 4 oz / 120 g.
  • Volume: 70 oz / 2.0 liters. Size: 6.25x17 in / 16x43 cm.

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